Winnebago Animal Clinic features large climate controlled indoor runs and a gated outdoor exercise area. All dogs are exercised multiple times a day with longer walks/jogs/play periods available upon request. Complimentary baths are given to all dogs staying an extended period of time (seven nights or longer).

We offer additional play time which could include brushing, a leashed walk around the grounds, a good game of fetch, and more. If your pet has special needs or special needs arise while your pet stays with us, they can be addressed by our staff veterinarian.

Clinic Policies and Procedure

All boarded/hospitalized animals must be current on vaccines. This policy will help ensure the health of your pet as well as others in the hospital. Kennel cough vaccine is required for boarded dogs, ideally administered 72 hours prior to visit. All boarded dogs must also have had a fecal exam within the last six months. If one hasn't been done, we will collect a sample during your pet's stay and treat for any intestinal parasites found.

All animals must be restrained when on clinic grounds. Leashes for dogs and carriers for cats are strongly recommended. Questions on your pet's health status are encouraged. Please call during regular clinic hours. You may pick up/drop off your pet during normal clinic hours. Sunday evening pick-up is available, 5:00pm - 6:00pm, upon request. Tours are available. Please ask a receptionist or technician.